The Recipe for a great Party


Troha's & Catering

Year Round Catering is ready in 1 hour

Fish Chips

5 Pounds of Troha's Famous Fried Shrimp


We make our Fish Chips from Center Cut Cod

Get 5 Pounds for $59

Smooth and flavorful. Our Fillets

are sure to please 

Get 5 Pounds for $42

Can't make up your Mind?   Get a Combo Box!
Party Specials

2 & 1/2 Pounds of Shrimp     

2 & 1/2 Pounds Of Fish Chips     $67


2 & 1/2 Pounds of Shrimp     

2 & 1/2 Pounds Of Fillets     $67

Wing Party1.jpg
Onion Rings .jpg

Choose Original Hot BBQ Buffalo or

Lemon Pepper

2 Quarts Coleslaw $10

2 Quarts Macaroni $10

French Fries Party Box $10

5 Crab Cakes $25

One Pound Mushrooms $9

One Pound Onion Rings $9

All Catering Orders Come with Free Sauce....

Catering orders are served in large foil lined boxes

that keep your catering order warm and crispy during transportation

Your dinner is cooked to order just after you arrive

Talk With Our Event Managers 773-521-7847

Troha’s Catering for Parties and Holiday Events

Let Troha’s handle your party catering! We also have tons of options for holiday catering. Order now if you want the best fried shrimp in Chicago or some of our lip smacking wings. 

Party Boxes:
We refer to our catering options as “party boxes” because that’s exactly what you get—a party in a box. We offer two sizes for our main party catering options: our five-pound party box and our ten-pound party box. Get ten tasty pounds of our famous shrimp and feed up to twenty people! Get our Combo Party if you’re looking for a fun way to mix things up. 

Our wing party boxes ramp up the fun. Orders range between thirty and seventy-five wings with four sauce options. All wing party boxes come with fries on the side. 


A 2 quart party salad will complete any order. You can get our mouthwatering macaroni salad or our famous coleslaw. That same coleslaw we’ve been proudly serving since 1919.

Get the greatest fried shrimp in Chicago at your next event. Call our Event Managers at 773-521-7847 to arrange party or holiday catering.