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1970's-1990's Charles & Joey prop.
​1940's-1960's.​ Joseph "Smoky" Troha prop.

About us

 A Stein of Beer and a Bowl of Chilli for 5 CENTS. 

That's what the sign on the door read on opening day 1917.


The Tavern continued  that way  until chili meat became scarce during  the depression. The business  then switched  to smoke fish & Fresh  fish. Then one day in 1935 a new item appeared at the market, SHRIMP.

Because Chicagoans never saw shrimp before, it had to be given out as a free sample, either smoked or boiled. A few years later, after a trip to New Orleans, the idea of deep frying shrimp came to Chicago and we became the first shrimp house in Chicago.      

In 1959 Troha's became Chicago's First carry out Chicken. Before 1959 the only way you could get fried chicken was in a restaurant. We perfected the carry out deep frying  method six years before Chicken Unlimited and KFC.

We continue our commitment -using fresh ingredients & Original  recipes

Same Place - Same Taste - Since 1917


​Business Today:   2000- Robert & Steven prop.

An old fashioned way of doing business is still the standard at Troha's. You'll find the fourth generation owners working behind the counter right along with staff that always double checks your order. 

Free salad samples, free soda refills, free sauce and curb side pickup when you can't find parking. 

1917-1930's​ Great Grampa George - Founder
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